​The Kondo Method for SEO

Jan 10, 2021

The Kondo Method for SEO

Marie Kondo has been the talk of the internet since she began a series on Netflix which is focused on cleaning up and decluttering your life. She became an overnight sensation and people started applying her concepts to their lives in order to live happier, more fulfilled, and stress-free lives. There are some points that Marie Kondo mentions which could be adapted and applied to SEO to make SEO stress-free and more successful too.

Marie Kondo’s 6 steps to the Japanese art of decluttering can almost be directly linked to SEO:

  • Commit yourself to tidy up:
  • Imagine your ideal lifestyle:
  • Finish discarding first:
  • Tidy by category, not location:
  • Follow the right order:
  • Ask yourself if it “sparks joy”:

You need to commit yourself to your site. Nothing good will ever come out of rushing to push a few ideas and then not spending the time to create quality content and monitor your site.

Commit time to a thorough SEO audit, create relevant and useful content, ensure you are receiving actionable data, and commit to spending the money and hiring SEO experts.

What will your site be like once it reaches its full potential? Channel your vision of your perfect website into a success. This clear image will help to motivate you when you are not feeling up to the challenge of starting and running your website.

SEO can be a challenge and the end result should be the thing that drives you to improve each and every day.

Discard all low-quality, outdated, and irrelevant content that is only hindering your SEO experience.

Now that irrelevant items have been discarded, it is time to organize the relevant content. It is important to tidy by category and not by where you want to be in the SERPs.

Optimize your content based on keyword research including Meta titles, Meta descriptions, header elements, and image alt text.

This is where you need to weigh what you know will have the most significant impact and what will be implemented most efficiently. Always have a clear step-by-step plan that you can follow.

When you log into your rank tracker and analytics dashboard, does it spark joy?

If not, it is time to change up your tactics. Take action if what you are seeing is not making you happy. It is pointless to keep doing the same thing if it keeps resulting in unsatisfactory results.

This is the time you spend accessing what is working and what is not working – adjust, and continue.

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