SEOs on Google e-commerce category recommendation: ‘I’ll stop doing it when it stops working.’

Jan 24, 2021

SEOs on Google e-commerce category recommendation: ‘I’ll stop doing it when it stops working.’

Google’s John Muller has given a talk in which he mentions what people should, and shouldn’t, be doing in order to enhance their SEO experience.

In this talk, John Muller mentioned that e-commerce SEOs often put their most important information into the footer of e-commerce category pages in the hopes that this will enhance the SEO of the page.

Google, on the other hand, strongly promotes the use of high-quality content to boost a website and have it show up on search engine results. John Muller has encouraged e-commerce sites to focus on creating informative content and to put it in places where users will see it instead of throwing the content into the footer of the page. He also added, “another thing you can do is when you have that listing of products — make sure that there’s some information on those listings so that we can understand what the page is about.”

The argument that e-commerce websites have against the points that John Muller has discussed is the fact that throwing content into the footer of a page actually works in generating traffic to the website because it does help those category pages rank for the keywords they are targeting.

While it may not be an accepted practice, SEOs everywhere can agree that if it’s not broken, then there is no need to fix it. If this system is helping optimize a website in terms of generating search engine results then why should one stop purely because it is not deemed as an accepted practice? It is incredibly difficult to have a site be SEO efficient and using any tricks that you may know could be the difference between gaining mass traffic to your website or not.

The important thing to remember is that SEO is not an exact science and the things that work for one site might not work for yours. It is important to stick with the things that work and adapt other areas to ensure they work efficiently.

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