​Google’s CTR answer just what you’d expect, and this is why SEOs go bananas

Jan 17, 2021

Google’s CTR answer just what you’d expect, and this is why SEOs go bananas

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of users who view the page, advertisement, or email. CTR is most useful when determining the amount of traffic generated through advertisements, but does it have any impact on SEO?

Google made a very broad comment after the debate around CTR began again a few weeks again stating that “As we’ve commented on before, we use interactions in a variety of ways, such as for personalization, evaluation purposes, and training data. We have nothing new or further to share here other than what we’ve long said: having great, engaging content is the right path for success. We’d encourage site owners to focus on that big picture”.

To give some background on this comment, Google representatives have stated time and time again that CTR is not a reliable way to generate traffic to a webpage because it is so easily “spammable” and unreliable which makes it pointless to use.

This topic is up for much debate as there are studies which have been done by SEOs that are in favor of using CTR as a ranking signal and others who would debate that CTR is not a ranking factor. Should you be bumped up on the list because more users are clicking on your website which should give it more creditability? If your argument is “data is data” then you may be swayed to believe that Google should use CTR to rank webpages.

Google is, once again, reiterating the fact that quality and valuable content should be a webpage’s first point of interest when looking to optimize their website and have it reach the top pages of a search engine. Either way, it is important to always give people relevant and unique advice in order to ensure they land on your site.

If Google did start using CTR to determine a page’s ranking, then it would be heavily regulated with systems in place to trace the manipulation of clicks or spam. Unfortunately, the fact that allowing CTR to determine the ranking of webpages could lead to spam clicks does mean that the webpages that have large numbers of genuine traffic cannot benefit from the fact that the page has generated a lot of attention.

There are numerous other steps for optimizing SEO and companies which can help you on your journey to enhance your chances of coming up in search results. Don’t worry about CTR – clickability is one of the last factors you need to take into account when creating SEO content.

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