SEOs beware: link builders are back with bogus Domain Authority Pitches

Often people who are new to SEO or who do not have a lot of experience with SEO may think that Domain Authority holds some power over overall Google ranking – but they do not. The message is clear but may need to be reiterated: stop optimizing for Domain Authority.

The confusion occurred when Moz announced that it had updated its Domain Authority score. Many novice SEOs confuse the DA metric with the internal metric used by Google – which is what has caused the sudden panic.

Moz created DA which determines its score based on its own dataset and algorithms and is, in no way, linked to the Google metric. Moz has clearly stated that it is not linked to Google’s metric and it is not the only company to create its own internal link scores. Majestic, Ahrefs and many other tool providers have their own scores.

The next important thing to note for those who are focusing on SEO is that Domain Authority does not have influence over Google rankings either. If your page’s Domain Authority ranking moves up or down, you must not expect your Google ranking to follow suit. The two are mutually exclusive and have no bearing over each other.

The hype surrounding this topic all started when created hype around PageRank when Google made the page ranking score visible with its Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer back in 2000. SEOs became fixated on the PageRank figure and link building became number 1 in the business of SEO. Spammers grew and a lot of dodgy link building schemers presented themselves which resulted in unfair rankings.

It was only in 2016 that PageRank was eliminated and Google started looking for another metric to base the link building economy around. People have always longed for a single metric to fixate on and DA quickly became that metric – which could be the reason for all of the recent confusion and concern with regard to Domain Authority.

SEOs, do not panic. Domain Authority has no bearing on Google rankings and you need not concern yourself with it.